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Theresa Bauman, Owner

"We create a custom-crafted safari, tailored just to you!"

Kismet Safaris...

It was "meant to be"

Theresa’s love of Africa and the wildlife took her back to Tanzania for another safari.  Due to an illness, there was a last minute schedule change in safari guides and that is how Theresa and Saidi met. It was kismet!  


Theresa returned to her home in the USA and kept in contact with Saidi.  She returned to Tanzania for several visits before making the decision to move there.  Discussions always revolved around safaris and since both have unique skills to offer - together they can create an incredible safari experience. 


Kismet Safaris was born!

Saidi Kibola, Owner

"We Specialize in Tanzania --
and Tanzania Only!"

Meet Theresa - I have worked for years in many different venues - corporate, government, non-profit, small-business owner and public education.  What carries throughout is my ability to focus on attention to detail, to plan and organize, and working with people.

From my years working for the a cabinet level official in the federal government, I learned to flawlessly plan and organize briefings on capital hill.  I also arranged travel to many countries, including Africa, for high level government officials. 

I am also an avid traveler and a travel agent. I am able to plan all of the details, even the smallest ones, with efficiency.

Meet Saidi - I grew up in Tanzania in the Great Rift Valley not far from the national parks.  I am a professional safari guide, which means I have  attended wildlife college and I am happy to share my expertise in animal habitats and behaviors, birds, vegetation, geography, and reptiles with you.  


My love of animals and my desire to share my beautiful country with you is what I am good at and I can't wait to share it with you!

We are experts in Tanzania and Tanzania Only! Our business and homes are located here which allows us to stay up to date with the parks, road and weather conditions, and lodging to insure we get the very best services for our clients.

  • Hot Bush Lunches and Daily Sundowners - this is a total game-changer!  Most safari companies offer a simple boxed lunch. We pride ourselves in providing a custom hot bush lunch, with delicious fresh-cooked food and a choice of beverage.  We also offer a daily Sundowner, enjoy a drink served to you as you watch the sun slide sown on the Tanzanian horizon. It's truly a divine experience, something you will remember for a lifetime.

  • Most safari companies count your arrival into Tanzania as the first day of your safari.  We DON'T!  With us your safari starts after you've traveled, had a night of rest, and are in the jeep for your first full day of adventuring.  

Together, we look forward to providing you with the experience of a lifetime.


Theresa  and  Saidi

Saidi is so knowledgeable about the animals and the birds. He is a marvelous driver and a fun guide to be with. His smile lights up every day. He will help you get pictures that will preserve the memories and impress family and friends.

Katherine Jeter, North Carolina


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To provide an authentic experience with exceptional service and value


Transforming lives

by experiencing

the culture, people

and wildlife of Africa.

Our Core Values

The two pillars of our core values are Community and Environment.  We believe in taking care of the community and respecting the environment. These core values help guide our every decision, in our day-to-day interactions in the office and out in the field. They are expressed in everything we do. 


We are dedicated to the people we work with and have a responsibility to support our clients, our staff, and the people we work with.

We work hard to give back to the communities where we live and work, and to create a culture where everyone we encounter feels welcome, respected, and appreciated.

Change Lives:  Every day, we have an opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life – our clients, the people, the wildlife, land and country of Tanzania, and to ourselves. We have to seize these opportunities.


Achieve the Extraordinary:  We do better that what’s expected and what’s considered ordinary. We are committed to stepping outside the box (rising up to meet, fulfill)


Be a Great Team: We are here to share our knowledge and experiences and to learn from the knowledge and experiences of those we work with. When we work together, the result is always greater.


Our environment is respectful, and we have respect for our environment.  It is our mission to be a company that our employees and our clients can be proud of by providing respect and long-term support to the people and communities we serve. We have the utmost respect for the natural environment (land and wildlife) and work to reduce our impact and conserve resources where we can.

Culture:  One of the most important things we can do as a company is to create a culture of mutual respect. We believe in taking care of our employees.  Everyone is treated like family, professionalism, high standards, open communication,  
Clients: relationship starts the moment we first meet and often continues for years.               
Employees: fair wages, training opportunities, 


Sustainability: We are committed to making as little impact on the environment and local culture, while helping to generate future employment for local people.


Ecotourism: We provide financial support to the local people and to the preservation of our natural resources.

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